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Sponge Sailboat Craft for Little ones

Temperatures sure are mounting so if you are in a research of a enjoyment activity to great with this sponge sailboat craft is just a point to do with the young ones.

These are not only enjoyable to make, they are also really entertaining to play with. Your little ones will be in a position to enjoy with them in a tub of h2o or have a sailboat race in the nearby stream.

Sponge Sailboat Craft for Kids

Sponge Sailboat Craft for Kids

What you require
Sponges -Utilised Ocelo manufacturer, and they were 4.5″ x 3″ x 1/2″
Wooden Skewers -made use of 8″ skewers but 12″ is great
development paper
wire cutters


Trim your sponges with scissors.
Green was trimmed in thirds
Pink & Yellow lower in fifty percent
Purple lower in 50 percent lengthwise (see notes)

For the Green sponges, I reduce the skewer with the wire cutter to about 5.5″ in duration.
For all other sponges, I employed the full dimensions, 8″ skewer.


Generate sails obtain chopping triangles out of development paper. If sought after, Fold a compact piece of design paper in fifty percent and slash a triangle out on the fold. Glue the fold together on the prime of the skewer.


Poke the skewer into the sponge so that it goes through the other facet at minimum 1″. Get rid of the skewer. Poke a hole at the major of the construction paper triangle, together the prolonged edge, and poke the skewer through the paper. Retain the skewer about 1/2″ to 3/8″ from the edge of the paper. Your sail does not have to be taunt on the skewer, it can bend.

Thrust the skewer with the sail as a result of the gap in your sponge. Alter the sail as important and sail absent.


To sail. Position the boat into the drinking water and permit the sponge take up water right before letting go. You are going to need to alter the skewer up and down via the sponge and modify the sail for optimal sailing.

Sailboat craft for little ones

Take note: They all tipped more than at some position. And the sails got soaked. But they however worked great. It works ideal if the skewer pokes as a result of the bottom of the sponge about 1-2″. Obviously you can experiment with this! The purple boat was the worst. Two masts and it never did officially stand up! It retained toppling in excess of. You may possibly want to omit, until you have a decided little one in the group.

Sailboat craft for little ones

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