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Paper Ladybug Craft

Here we are with yet another cute and simple paper ladybug craft, we have built this ladybug paper craft a when in the past but as crafting with paper is just so enjoyment it was time to make an additional, different 1.

Just after all this adorable tiny bug warrants more spotlight right?

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Completely ready to make these lovable minor creatures? Let us make them

Paper Ladybug Craft

Construction Paper Ladybug Craft - perfect spring craft idea for kids to do. This makes a great classroom project for kids in kindergarten.

What you have to have

  • paper in crimson and black (and just a minimal bit of white)
  • scissors
  • adhere glue
  • black marker


Slice a circle form out of pink paper (it is ideal to use building paper as foundation). Lower strips of pink paper.

Cut strips and circles

Get a single strip of paper and glue it on to the base as proven on the photograph. Glue on the subsequent one particular at a 90° angle to the first a person.

Making the body

Continue with following two, positioning them amongst the first two. Depending on the measurement of the ladybug you are producing you will have to have, or much better say be capable to, insert additional strips of paper to make the overall body of the ladybug a lot more entire.

Making the Ladybug Craft

Slash the dots (we utilised the glue cap as a template) out of black paper. Also slice a 50 percent circle form for the head and two antenna. Reduce two modest oval designs out of white paper and draw the eyes with black marker.

Ladybug details

Glue on the dots and head with the adhere glue.

Paper Ladybug Craft

Additional cute ladybug crafts

Really like these minimal cute bugs? Why not make leaf ladybugs, such a pleasurable character craft to make. Or how about some super simple fingerprint ladybugs. Or assemble some rocks and make rock ladybugs.

Fun Ladybug Paper Craft - Ladybug Crafts

Paper Ladybug Craft - Cute Ladybug Craft for Kids to Make


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