How to Draw a Lion – Phase by Phase Drawing Tutorial

Basic step by move how to draw lion tutorial you will be drawing your possess lion in no time.

With only 9 methods to adhere to, this tutorial is fantastic for newcomers and kids alike. No eraser necessary!

how to draw a lion with step by step tutorial

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how to attract a lion

Lion-led drawing guide

Points you will need:

  • Printable lion drawing tutorial (optional)
  • pencil or marker
  • Paper
  • coloring provides

Quick action-by-step lion drawing tutorial

Step 1

Let’s start out by drawing the head. Draw a U-condition that is somewhat broader in the center.

Step 1

Stage 2

Link the U-shaped endpoints with wavy traces.

Also draw a triangle shape with rounded corners for the nose.

Step 2

Move 3

A couple curves are following. Two on the nose and two on the bottom.

Step 3

Stage 4

Attract eyes and a several dots underneath the nose.

Step 4

Stage 5

Upcoming up is the grind. Draw a wavy circle around the head.

Step 5

Stage 6

Attract the ears within the mane.

Also attract two curves like ( ) for the overall body.

Step 6

Action 7

Upcoming up are the entrance legs.

Step 7

Stage 8

Amd hind legs.

Step 8

Action 9

End with the tail and paws.

Step 9

Stage 10

Coloration the photograph of a lion.

Draw the finished lion

Get How to Draw Printable Lion Instruction Drawings

how to draw a lion

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