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How to Draw a Dragon – Stage by Phase Drawing Tutorial

You might think that drawing these neat creatures is not uncomplicated, but with our straightforward-to-observe phase-by-move tutorial on how to draw a dragon, you can be drawing your have in no time! Just adhere to these 10 measures and you will appreciate the stop consequence. A highly effective fire-breathing creature will come to everyday living on your paper.

How to Draw a Dragon with Step-by-Step Tutorial

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how to attract a dragon action by stage

In several fairy tales, dragons hold out with princesses, so you might want to use this drawing tutorial with how to draw a princess information.

Dragon Directed Drawing Guide

Items you want:

  • Printable drawing guideline (optional)
  • pencil or black marker
  • Paper

Action by Phase Dragon Drawing Directions

Stage 1

Start out by drawing the head. This form is effortless to master. It’s like drawing a ship lying flat on the floor. You you should not even have to be fantastic.

Step 1

Action 2

Future it really is time to attract the horns and the decreased element of the mouth. Just one of the horns will go as a result of the beforehand drawn shape and which is ok. It will “take care of” devoid of an eraser.

Step 2

Move 3

Draw traces on the horns to give them texture and cover the strains. Also draw the nostrils and 1 eye.

Step 3

Phase 4

Begin at the head and attract a curve. Draw a single little front leg and a slightly greater hind leg.

Step 4

Step 5

Commence at the head and attract a curve to the initially leg. Now commence at the other end of the entrance leg and keep on the line up to the hind leg. Eventually, attract a curve from the hind leg to the higher curve.

Step 5

Stage 6

Add an additional established of legs. Attract a finishing touch on the tail.

Also start off drawing the wings.

Step 6

Stage 7

Draw two curves on the wings.

Another curve crosses the physique to produce the dragon’s tummy.

Step 7

Phase 8

Draw extra curves to finish the wings.

Step 8

Move 9

Just about done. Attract a further wing on the again.

Step 9

Action 10

All that’s remaining is to draw a line on the ship and, if desired, increase a several circles to the overall body to insert texture and draw the flames coming out of the dragon’s mouth.

Step 10

Step 11

You acquired how to draw a dragon! Congratulations! Now all that remains is to shade the dragon as essential.

Dragon completed step by step

Master how to attract a printable dragon right here.

how to draw a dragon

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