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Cotton Ball Sheep

The fluffy animals and these fluffy sheep seize just that!

If you have a spare swab and you should not know what to do, this Easter craft is for you.

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Cotton Ball Sheep Crafts for Kids

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Fluffy and sweet – which is what these Easter craft Somballs are all about.

Cotton Ball Sheep Crafts for Kids

Just hunting at you with your plump eyes and tender entire body…

Cotton ball sheep crafts for kids

How to Make Cotton Ball Sheep Crafts

Things you need to have:

  • black cardboard
  • a person puncher
  • glue
  • stupid eyes
  • noodle
  • pencil
  • scissors

material used

Let us commence!

action-by-step instructions

Punch just one circle making use of the just one puncher.

Step 1

Attract and slice two legs. Use black cardboard.

Step 2

Reduce 1 black stripe.

Step 3

Start out rolling the stripes as shown. We will use it as a tail.

Step 4

Glue the legs and tail to the black circles.

Step 5

Make a couple of swabs.

Step 6

Get started gluing the other facet of the black circle.

Step 7

Attract a compact sheep head as proven.

Step 8

Slice out the shape of your hair with scissors.

Step 9

Utilize glue to your hair and put it above a cotton swab on the aspect.

Step 10

Take two googly eyes and spot them on your head.

Step 11

All performed!

I hope this sheep is pleasurable and lovely.

Cotton ball sheep crafts for kids

There are numerous other sheep craft tips on the internet site. Truly feel cost-free to browse and you can expect to soon be capable to create all sorts of items.

Cotton Ball Sheep Crafts for Kids

You may well want to make a further version.

See you quickly with a new task!

Cotton Ball Sheep Craft Ideas

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