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Butterfly Valentine’s Working day Paper Craft

It is simple to make a butterfly from the coronary heart. Follow our Butterfly Valentine’s Working day paper craft tutorial. Then you can make your have butterfly in no time.

This can be employed as a Valentine’s Day card and can be employed as a incredibly cute card!

Paper Butterfly Valentine's Day Crafts

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Valentine’s Working day crafts are certainly sweet, and they can make a great present or card for a buddy (or mystery crush).

butterfly valentines day paper craft

This butterfly can be made use of equally as a card and as a present. Or set it on your dwelling or classroom wall as a decoration.

Butterfly Valentine's Day paper crafts for kids to make

how to make a butterfly valentine’s day paper craft

  • scissors
  • crimson paper
  • blank
  • black cardboard
  • silly eyes
  • pencil
  • gluematerial used

Let us start out!

move-by-stage guidance

Fold the pink paper in two and draw a huge coronary heart condition.

Step 1

Cut out the heart shape with scissors. Now you have two massive red hearts.

Step 2

Fold the white paper 2 times as shown.

Step 3

Attract a small heart condition with a pencil.

Step 4

Slash out the heart condition.

You now have 4 huge white hearts.

Step 5

Fold the red paper twice.

Step 6

3rd, attract a more compact coronary heart form.

Step 7

Reduce out the heart shape with scissors.

You now have four crimson hearts.

Step 8

Fold the white paper twice.

Step 9

Fourth, attract a small coronary heart shape.

Step 10

Lower out the coronary heart condition with scissors.

You now have four white hearts.

Step 11

Consider each and every pair of hearts and glue them collectively as demonstrated.

Step 12

Consider the remaining pair of hearts and glue them together.

The wings are comprehensive.

Step 13

They will seem like this.

Step 12 and Step 13

Drawing the system of a butterfly…

Step 14

…and lower it.

Step 14-1

Utilize glue to the back again of the entire body and connect the 4 wings.

Step 15

Increase two googly eyes to the head.

Step 16

Draw a tiny white mouth, cut it out with scissors, and location it underneath your eyes.

Step 17

Draw two modest hearts. One particular is white and the other is red.

Step 18

Reduce out these hearts and attach them to the best of your head (previously mentioned the vertical ‘tentacles’) as revealed.

Butterfly Valentine's Day paper crafts for kids to make

All completed.


Our butterfly is prepared to fly!

butterfly valentines day paper craft

Have pleasurable enjoying this undertaking and feel totally free to check out other Valentine’s crafts in Uncomplicated Peasy and Pleasurable!

Step 19

And make as numerous as you want.

Butterfly Valentine's Day Paper Craft Ideas

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