Best Gifts for a 14 Year Old Girl

If you are looking for the best gift for 14 year old girl (daughters, friends, sisters…) You stumbled upon the right place!

Or are you 14 and looking for inspiration and ideas to add to your wish list? Search this list and I’m sure you’ll find something you like and add your own ideas to the comments section.

If your little girl needs anything, check out this list of gifts for 13 year olds too! This post contains affiliate links.

The best gift for a 14 year old girl

Can you remember when you were 14? And how about your friends? It’s likely a palette of colorful individuals, each with their own unique personality and pursuing their own interests no matter what their interests may be.

We adults like to see 14-year-olds as ‘children’, but the truth is, we can’t get away from that. When I think of the things I did at that age, I am convinced. I cause trouble and trouble, but above all, I wanted to be recognized and respected, and I wanted to be respected without being pushed back when my voice was heard.)

What gift does a 14-year-old girl want?

If you’re looking for a gift for a girl close to you, your best bet for a good friend or family member is to simply ask them what they want. Happy.

Then again, the popular answer is “I don’t know”. Or you have a newer iPhone or Mac. This isn’t really a bad gift if you’re willing to spend a lot of money after all.

Now if you can’t ask a question or don’t have a clear answer, this list will help.

A gift you can’t go wrong with

money or gift certificate

99.9% of the time, gifting money can’t go wrong (it can also be folded in a unique way like a butterfly).

Or you can go and give them a gift card. Two good choices are Visa gift cards that you can use in stores and restaurants, or Amazon gift cards if you like shopping online.

The nice thing about giving either of these two gifts is that they go well with all types of teenagers. Whether she’s geeky, sporty, tomboy, diva, girly girl, fashionable or interested in music or really anything, if she can invest that money, she goes to buy what she really really likes!

how much now? We leave it to you!

The most gifted gift from a 14-year-old girl

Electronics, gadgets and accessories

This has been a huge hit with teenagers. To be honest, the latest smartphone or tablet is one of the most popular gifts for 14-year-old girls.

Now, as long as you accept this wish, it really depends on the relationship between you and the gift giver.

Here are some “proper” (and never written in stone) ideas of what to present.

Parents and Stepparents:

  • A new smartphone (especially if you don’t have a phone yet) – it doesn’t have to be the most expensive one.
  • Tablets – iPad, Kindle Fire,…
  • new computer
  • DSLR Camera – Taking pictures is all the rage these days, and taking good pictures is a valuable skill these days!
  • All other gifts listed below

A great gift for a teenager - DSLR camera

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Camera Kit

Grandparents and other family members:

  • mp3 player
  • high-end headphones
  • digital camera
  • All other suggestions below

friend, boyfriend:

  • Phones, tablets, …
  • cute cheap headphones
  • iTunes Card ($10, $20…)
  • USB memory drive


Has your teen or teenage friend decided to get fame on the internet? Being a YouTuber, influencer or persona on another platform is what appeals to teens a lot. And whatever your thoughts on that path may be, we all need to recognize that times are changing and that these types of occupations and hobbies are theirs.

What you get from a girl who is or wants to be an influencer/youtuber

  • Studio equipment she may lack – ring lights, backdrops, microphones
  • Online courses to improve her skills (social media platform courses, video editing)
  • business book

clothes and shoes

Doesn’t everyone need that? But there are so many ways you can go wrong with buying clothes, so if you don’t know the size, the style of this teenage girl, or the brand, consider not buying all of them or getting a gift card from the store you want to shop for. to.

If you decide to buy clothes (I personally recommend buying a bag, scarf or other accessory), pay more attention to her style of clothing. You can buy something that looks great to you or is very comfortable with good intentions. Make a face and it will stay in your closet forever.


All girls love “bling, bling”, but just like clothes, the type of “bling” depends on her style, from leather cuff bracelets for rockers to golden necklaces.

Overall, a popular choice these days is the wire charm bracelet. Especially Alex and Ani

Body care products, perfume, makeup, hair…

This is another fairly safe idea to give as a gift to a 14 year old girl.

Makeup (if parents allow) and if she wears it

  • Goes well with her style – dark shades for rocker, funker, goth or metalheads, lighter shades for “pop” girls…
  • Buy well-known brands that offer quality makeup that you usually can’t afford.
  • Manicure can also be a great option

body care products

  • Body Care Gift Baskets to the Rescue – This is a great gift, but like any other gift it’s not necessarily for everyone. If you don’t know the girl, go with something that’s not overly scented and neutral.
  • skin care and acne care products


  • A smell that isn’t too intense should do the trick.

hair styling accessories

  • curling iron
  • hair straightener

Simple and cool gift 14 year old girls will love it!

Simple and cool gift ideas for a 14 year old girl

1. Happy Jackson Queen of Awesomeness Mug

2. Eiffel Tower Sticky Notes Set

3. Penguin Earphone Splitter

4. Infuser water bottle

A good book or two for avid readers

Books are a great gift, but only if she likes to read! I love to read, but you couldn’t sell books when I was 14. It was the last thing that came to my mind, but my best friend reads one book a week (my sister almost one a day!!!). I am happiest when someone has given me a new book to read.

For reference, here are a few books that are currently trending among teenagers.

      • Throne of Glass series
      • James Dashner’s Maze Runner
      • John Green’s Paper Town

For girls who love movies

  • movie ticket
  • DVD
  • Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV - the perfect gift for 14-year-old movie lovers

Amazon Fire TV

For 14 year olds who love music

Since many teens equate themselves with music, this can be a really great gift for them.

  • itunes gift card
  • New speakers, headphones, MP3 players
  • Latest CDs from your favorite singers or bands
  • Music souvenir (signed if you really admire the singer or band)
  • If she showed interest in playing a musical instrument, take music classes
  • Vinyl record player if she’s into retro (well, these are making a comeback anyway)

for a creative mind

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore, they’re all the rage! Coloring books for adults are a fun choice! Art sets are always a great choice or “how to” art book.

For teens who love sports

If you’re looking for a gift for a 14-year-old girl who loves sports, here are some ideas that she will appreciate.

      • bird ball
      • Sportswear
      • ticket to the game
      • Sports Souvenirs – autographs, cards…
      • trainer
      • cool looking water bottle

for environmentalists

Eco-friendly gifts are a must if you’re looking for a gift for a 14-year-old girl who is really passionate about protecting the environment, such as recycled cotton socks, eco soap, and locally grown fruit (fruit basket).

Gift ideas for video game lovers

I’ve spent much of my pre-teen and teenage life playing video games. I also learned the basics of other languages ​​while playing (“thanks” to my dad for buying me two German games) – it wasn’t fun at the time, but in retrospect it was definitely useful in the long run!).

Is she asking for a game console? It is a good gift. If not, you can always go for the popular game titles!

“Tomboy” and Geeks (geeks in the coolest sense!)

I was a tomboy and I absolutely hate the word. I mean, why should there be a “boy” because the tomboy is a girl! However, since there are no alternative words, here are a few gift ideas for a 14-year-old tomboy (most of the gift ideas mentioned previously apply naturally to electronics, video games, etc.).

The perfect gift idea for a teenage tomboy

  1. plasma ball
  2. tomboy hoodie
  3. marble messenger bag
  4. Toolkit (A must have for every woman!)

class! Let them learn life skills!

      • If she has shown interest in playing an instrument, she can take music lessons.
      • If she likes to cook, surprise her with a gourmet cooking class.
      • Horseback riding, ski lessons, parachute jumping (this would kill me.
      • Travel and stay in other cities or countries (under adult supervision).
      • art class

for her room

No entry! Not an uncommon sign on a teen’s room door. Their room is their space and reflects her personality! Here are some of the most requested room decoration gifts for 14-year-old girls.

      • Furniture – The beanbag chairs are great.
      • new bedding
      • wall art
      • doorbell
      • new lamp

Who doesn’t love candy?

Earnestly? Do you know anyone who doesn’t like candy? We don’t! How to subscribe to Candy…

Cool candy from all over the world? They will love it… and how tempted are you to get it yourself?

there! We hope you liked this list of gifts for 14 year old girls and we hope you found something to buy or to put on your wish list! Any ideas on the best gift for a 14 year old girl? Let us know in the comments!

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